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We specialise in the supply, installation and relocation of Research Aquatic systems worldwide. We also provide consumables and equipment.

As United Kingdom and European Union / EEA Distributor for PENTAIR Aquatic Eco Systems and Aquaponic – Aquaculture products we are able to provide a hassle free supply line of the extensive range of PENTAIR products to support our customers’ installations and organisations. Our no.1 priority is providing you with the best possible customer service and our team is available for support 24 hours a day.

Aquatic Research Labs

Our Aquatic Research Systems offer optimal support and living surroundings to promote animal health. To ensure high quality research environments we supply all parts and fit multi rack habitats tailored to your specific design.

Perfect Water Stability

To ensure your water is fresh, free from contamination and disease our habitats are built using a wide range of filters and UV sterilization systems. We offer tailored solutions for all your needs and water treatments.

Animal Health

If your main focus and concern is the welfare of animals and their health then MBKI is the right company for all your Aquatic Eco Systems. We can provide you with stability and confidence with any research project.

We supply Skretting Zebrafish Feed

uk supplier of skretting feed

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London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Our equipment helping to control infection

A walk down the corridor at the London School of Hygiene takes us to the source of these embryos. It’s more like an aquarium than a lab, with hundreds of small tanks full of adult zebrafish. But a closer look shows this is no tourist attraction. Tanks labelled with terms such as “CD41 + GFP”, show how each group of fish has undergone gene editing to allow the study of different biological responses to infection.

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Providing better Research Environments worldwide

MBKI is recognised as the leading Aquatic Research Habitat manufacture and supplier in the UK. The key to our success is the ability to provide quality systems that produce and maintain perfect sustainable water, critical to animal health and research integrity. With over 17 years experience in design, fabrication and installation of Zebra-fish habitats worldwide, MBKI is second to none.

Zebra Fish Habitats

Tried, Trusted Systems Installed By A Team You Can Rely On

Our Rack Systems are made with stainless steel tubular supports. All the water delivery and drainage systems are easily removable, making maintenance and cleaning a simple procedure. Water flow is carefully monitored and metered by individual valves allowing different flow rates to separate tanks. All of our housing systems come as a stand alone unit or in a multiple rack configuration, giving our customers a wide choice to suit any project.

All installations and design work is carried out by our competent team, if you have any questions or queries regarding an installation, a quote, advice or design please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly experts.

Orders And Deliveries

All products ordered will be delivered promptly and efficiently. If you require an installation, our team will arrive on your chosen delivery date and endeavour to complete installations on time.

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