Crystal Sea® (Forty Fathoms) Bioassay Mixture, 150 gallon

No ammonia, nitrate, phosphate, silicate or EDTA added / Attains a proper pH of 8.3 upon hydration / Contains chlorine remover.

Salt, like fish food, is not all the same! This product is a perfect mixture of essential compounds and trace elements to make sea water (contains no anti-caking agents). Use it with confidence when setting up any saltwater ecosystem. Crystal Sea® is preferred by many public aquariums, universities, biological research facilities and professionals.

CM2B is a 150-gallon mixture specifically formulated for bioassay research.

Quality Assured
Crystal Sea® Marinemix is manufactured under the most stringent quality control guidelines using a superior computer control blending system. This insures exact mixing of anhydrous ingredients throughout each batch.

 Crystal Sea® is a registered trademark of Marine Enterprises International. 

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